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EDX 3600

All Element Analysis
ROHS analysis
Coating Thickness
Non Destructive analysis
Sample focusing not required
User friendly Software
Fast & Easy Operations
High Precision and repeatability
Built in signal to noise enhancer (SNE)
Anyone can operate
Atomic Energy Regulatory Board Approved



X-ray Source X-ray Tube Ti or W cathode
HV Generator 50kv adjustable in 200V steps Current adjustable in 1μA steps
Detector Silicon Drift Detector
Detection Range S(z=16) to U(z=92)
Measurment Range 0.1 – 99.99%
Measurment Time 30-300 seconds
Measurment Precision ± 0.07% In hom
ogeneously melted Sample
(Accuracy levels in comparison with fire assay result only)
Measurment Area 1 mm to 20 mm
Collimators Area 8 Collimators and 5 Filters automatically switched as per requirement
Working Temperature 15 – 25 ℃
Relative Humidity 10 – 80 %
System Requirment External PC with Windows XP or Windows 7(32bit)
Power Requirement 230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 100W
Dimension 540mm X 390mm X 390mm
Sample Chamber 255mm X 305mm X 100 mm
Weight 55 Kg