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Nano Gold 250G

Minimum marking Line Width
Good Beam Quality
Air Cooled with Compact Design
Multi diodes
User friendly Software
Fast & Easy Operations


Power Supply 1 Ø
Voltage 230V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Absorbed Power 1.4 Kw
Capacity of High destiny Crucible 250 gm 24Kt (Au)†
Maximum Temperature 1200ºC
Melting Time 3 min.††
Temperature Measurement K-Type
Water re-cooling System Standard Equipment
Colling Water Temperature 20ºC – 30ºC
Water Pressure 4.5 Bar
Maximum Water Flow  

1.5 ltr/min

Weight 43 Kg
† Brimful capacity †† Under Standard condition
Dimensions (mm) L * B * H
Induction Generator 465 X180 X 380
Chilling Unit 330 X 400X 430




Small in size and convenient layout
Easy to install and operate
No metal loss or burning loss
Feather touch control; Simple in operation
Display of system parameters and faults
Perfect Homogeneous mixing of alloys
Zero Tolerance safety system
Automatic power and temperature regulation


80% income Tax Depreciable
Increased Productivity
Can Be installed in Smallest jewellery shop
Digital Display of parameters and faults
Zero maintenance
Energy saving – flame less furnace
Continuous operation as chilling unit is included with the system


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