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RGD 200


Model RGD 200
Power Supply 230V AC
Power Consumption 15W
Dimension 410 x 260 x 210 mm
Accuracy ±6%
Operating Temperature 25-30℃ C

Standard Features

  • High performance, Low power AVR 8 bit micro controller
  • LCD 16 digit character display
  • Facility to attach with PC
  • LED indication for stability
  • Large sample chamber


  • Works in the base of Archimedes principle
  • State of the art electronics for efficient and reliable operation.
  • No advanced training required to operate the instrument
  • Result within 1 Min.
  • Measures all types of complex shapes and designs commonly found in jewellery
  • Non destructive.
  • Distinguishes quickly between Fake and Real
  • Detection of gold purity in percentages

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